Best Affordable Schools in San Jose

Living in San Jose, the best thing you can do for your children is to provide them with the best education possible. When I graduated college back in 1995, getting a job wasn’t as competitive as it is today. San Jose work force has gone global; meaning that there has been a huge influx of foreign workers making the playing field more competitive. So how do you prepare your kids?

To find the top schools in San Jose and the surrounding area is not tough. You would need to visit sites that shows API per grade level. Here is a shortlist that I have used on my search for the perfect school.



After you have done your research, you will probably have shortlisted between three to five schools that you want your kids to attend. If money is not a problem, you can probably skip reading this paragraph. For most of us, being able to afford a home in the right school district is really not obtainable. During my research, my focus was on four areas.

1) Cupertino School District

2) Fremont Unified School District

3) Evergreen School District

4) Milpitas Unified School District

Unfortunately, many parents have shortlisted the same school districts. As a result, there is a direct correlation between good schools and the cost of a home.  With homes costing 1 milllion dollars for a 1 or 2 bedroom, Cupertino Union School District was removed from our list. Fremont was considered, but to afford a home there we would have to overextend our budget. We didn’t really want to be locked into a house for 30 years and eat spam all day. Financially we could of purchased a home in Fremont but the sacrifice of spending time with our kids on our annual vacation was too much. Third on the list was Evergreen. Living up on the hills and overlooking the city would have been nice but the traffic is horrible. To get to work, I would have to exit Capitol Expressway onto 101. Since I work in Santa Clara, the drive could be between 45 minutes and 75 minutes. Hwy 101 is like the Twilight Zone, you never know what traffic is going to be like. Finally, we chose Milpitas School District. Milpitas has good elementary schools as well as junior high schools. From my house to work, the drive is less than 30 minutes. With affordable homes, and being so close to the Silicon Valley High tech companies; Milpitas is definitely an up and coming small city.


1) Choose a school district that your family can afford and don’t overextend your budget.

2) When buying a home, make sure the home is actually within the school coverage area. You can look this up by going to the school district you desire.

3) A home close to work, so you can spend more time with the kids.


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Raising Kids

Raising Kids in San Jose

Raising kids is tough, no matter where you live. Raising kids in San Jose, is pretty damn tough also. Don’t think for one second that this city is easier on parents in any way. Raising a family in San Jose can be quite expensive, but there are other ways to keep your kids focused and successful without bleeding your pocket books. I will be sharing how I raised my kids and all the research I had to go through to get them on a more prosperous path.  I won’t be writing about how to sell your house and live in a garage, just so your kids can get a Cupertino address. Let’s get started…..


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