Engineering in San Jose


Everyone in San Jose is an Engineer?

Yes, this is true! Every person I have met is an engineer of some kind. Software engineers, hardware engineers, asics engineers, network engineers and so many others types of engineers that exist in San Jose is crazy. A job that I once thought to be highly valued has depreciated in value so much within 20 years.

Engineering Salary?

When I was 24, I started my career at $45,000 a year in Silicon Valley. At that time, a co-worker who was considered a senior engineer was making about $105,000. By looking at these numbers, you probably wouldn’t recognize that these salaries are from the late 90’s. So what? 20 Years ago a house cost about 150k-200k or even less. Making a single income of $105,000 was good money and families can live with only one parent working. Fast Forward to 2015, houses in my area are somewhere around 700-900k. Guess what? A senior engineer makes about $120,000.

What does it take?

To live comfortably in the Silicon Valley, either one parent needs to make $200,000 a year + assets or both parents needs to be working.

The Competition

At my company, the work force has changed quite a bit. 20 years ago, the company I worked for has all employees in the United States. Fast Forward 20 years, and my department is 80% outsourced. What’s the point? The job market is fierce. Being an engineer in Silicon Valley is forever challenging. Engineers that wish to survive in this jungle needs to be constantly learning new technologies.

What should you do?

My two kids will not be engineers if I had a choice. The career that they pick should be something that can not be outsourced. Yes, it may be too late for me but not too late for the youngsters growing up in silicon valley.

Top Jobs I would for my kids:

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Marketing
  • Nursing
  • Human Resources




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